5 - How big are the groups?

We keep our groups small (max 12 p) so that you will always feel like you're having a personal experience while at the same time getting the chance to meet, and spend some time with, some like-minded fellow travellers. But you can always book a private tour, if you prefer.

6 - I want to take a tour, but it’s not listed on the day that I am available. Can I book it for a day that suits me better?

Yes, you can book the tour as a private tour and do it when it suits you.

7 - Can I book a tour in a language other than English?

Yes. Ask us about booking a private tour.

8 - A normal walking tour may be too difficult for me. Can you offer me a tour that is better suited to my needs?

Yes, we can create a shorter, easier and more accessible route for you as a private tour. Please note that some old neighbourhoods will be harder to visit if you use a wheelchair or have problems negotiating hills and steps.

9 - I booked a tour, but I had to change my plans. What should I do?

If at all possible, please give us a call or send us an email to let us know. We will always try to contact you in the event of a problem on our end.

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