1 - Why take a walking tour in the first place? Can I not see Lisbon by myself?

Honestly, yes, you can. Having said that, many of the most interesting places in Lisbon are not obvious and can be hard to find if you don't know your way. And if you want to learn about the places you visit and know their history and stories, and get lots of tips and inside information on the city while you're at it, a guide will be a great help.

2 - How do your walking tours differ from all the others?

We are certain that many other companies offer great tours, but we specialize in walking tours and have been doing them for many years. And now, with more lisbon, we've used that experience to create what we believe are some of the best tours in the city. We hope you'll agree!

3 - How big are the groups?

We keep our groups small (max 12 p) so that you will always feel like you're having a personal experience while at the same time getting the chance to meet, and spend some time with, some like-minded fellow travellers. But you can always book a private tour, if you prefer.

4 - Do I have to book and pay in advance?

All tours must be booked and confirmed in advance, and you may pay the guide at the beginning of the tour (cash only).